Call - Symposium “Ritual and Performance”

Call - Symposium “Ritual and Performance”



  Il "College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Koç University" anche quest'anno ci invita a partecipare al simposio per giovani laureati in materie umanistiche che si terrà a Istanbul a Marzo 2018 “Ritual and Performance”.


What is ritual? And, what is performance? Who do they serve? Why? How do we consider these topics in the contemporary? In the past? 

Ritual and performance defines the human experience, past and present.  From ephemeral and spiritual contexts to tightly organized events, the performativity of rituals probes questions about the place of religion and events as part of the human practice. In this symposium, we ask the following: What does ritual truly mean? Is performance always part of it? What role does it play in the collective memory of societies? In the practice of identity formation? How do we consider sacred activities apart from the events of everyday life, such as burial v. bathing? How are they reflected in architecture, in space? How do we consider these aspects within the larger concept of performativity?

The symposium will delve into these topics to reveal new questions and, we hope, center the conversation among many disciplines. Participants are invited to join the discussion through presentations of their papers. We ask that authors engage with the topic through a trans-disciplinary lens, one that builds on the fields within humanities such as Archaeology, History of Art, Literature, Visual Arts, Philosophy and History. Our aim is to promote discussion among young scholars in these fields and support them in their studies.


Per partecipare, bisogna inviare un abstract in (300-500 parole) all'indirizzo entro giorno 30 novembre 2017

Archeounict - Palazzo Ingrassia, via Biblioteca, 4 -95124- Catania (Italia) - Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

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